One Vista is a song writing duo from Norwich, England, who have been working together since the late 1990’s. One Vista, formerly known as Vista, play hypnotic, sweet, dance-pop melodies with blissed out charm, melding lyrical slices of everyday life with dance based rhythms to create perfect pop songs. Their pulsing rhythms, dynamic electro pop twists and turns, together with sophisticated vocals, make one vista tuned to FM perfection

Having formed and played together in a number of bands, One Vista are experienced live performers as well as songwriters. They have received very positive media reviews for both their live performances and recording projects. They have also received radio exposure on a number of stations worldwide specialising in electronic music and favourable reviews in the press. 

One Vista love to collaborate with other artists and have had many songs re-mixed and have also remixed other artists' material. They have also co-written a number of songs with other artists.

Apart from their back catalogue of albums, you can also find One Vista songs on the Electropop 4 compilation released by Conzoom Records. One of their tracks, Susan, was featured and reviewed  in the UK based Future Music Magazine's Reader Demo section. “The song’s innocence and bright sunny demeanour caught our ear” Future Music Magazine.

Their 2013 album release 'Changing Places' was released by Scent Air Records to very positive reviews. In 2017 they release new album 'Return' on Luna Keep Records.

One Vista press reviews:

Sofacom.co.uk “stonkingly good electro pop with that most rare quality – a decent tune” 

“One of Norfolk’s most promising bands” Eastern Daily Press 

"We Just Got It wrong (collaboration between One Vista and Bispatial) is one of the standout tracks of the album...heavy 909 beats and house piano rock this track". Taken from Tlectronic Rumours review of Electropop 6 compilation. 

“….constantly striving to write the perfect pop songs. Until then they are happy entertaining crowds…” Norwich Advertiser 

“good band with some nice tracks that all have good airplay quality-I feel that they seem to shine on the slower numbers like 'Susan' and 'Get It Right'. Where they both have an etheral feel. Just the right track for these guys -might be the breakthrough. Remind me a little of Saint Etienne and a more subdued Goldfrapp. The female vocal is a winner” hameldonfm radio station 

"One Vista - stylish flirt of electronic disco based Siouxsie and the Banshees" Emma Nylen (Electropop 4 album notes) 

From Norwich’s Triangle Magazine: “a heady combination of 60’s style kitchen sink lyrics and 80’s electro pop”, “a male/female duo who know how to write great songs – excellent" 

“The song’s innocence and bright sunny demeanour caught our ear” Future Music Magazine 

  Review taken from 'Wired for Sound' Gt. Yarmouth Advertiser by Sharon Richardson.' 
"One Vista is a two piece electro-dance singer/songwriter outfit hailing from Norwich. With influences ranging from Saint Etienne, Pet Shop Boys, Massive Attack and New Order they fuse this inspiration with original and sturdy songwriting. 
One Vista play hypnotically sweet dance-pop melodies with blissed out charm. Their latest album Synthetics contains 11 tracks (and a bonus of a remix Hold me 07 from Norwich based musician Milo B) of hooky melodies and electronic swirls creating an evocative and entrancing sound complemented by delicate and seductive vocals. 
One Vista's music would be perfect on the dance floor but equally lends itself to anyone in a more chill out mood. Pulsing rhythms, dynamic electro twists and turns and sophisticated vocals makes One Vista tuned to FM perfection. 
Vista are regularly working on new songs and all the songwriting and production is handled by the band themselves. They regularly play live around the area and further afield". 

 "Susan", is featured on the Inside My Head podcast. 
This episode had a special guest, called Xandarr, who talked about music that brings back memories for him 
Apparently after they recorded the show, he said that out of all the songs played on Inside My Head, "Susan" was his favorite one! 

You can find the episode here: 

One  Vista's song Susan was 'demo of the week' on LondonCafe:the Best of UK Indie.